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BAUER is an internationally acclaimed company who builds compressors for high-pressure air and gas applications – including breathing air, CNG/biogas, oil & gas, general industry, military technology, plastic injection molding, helium, nitrogen, and much more. BAUER Blog was built to educate the public about the science behind BAUER’s unique products and solutions. We must work together to heal our planet, create technology for mankind’s success, and build a better future for everyone.


Innovations to Protect Mother Earth

Minimizing Waste

When companies can produce their own compressed gas, they minimize transportation and reduce their carbon footprint.

Helium Recycling

Helium is one of the rarest elements on Earth. BAUER provides technology to recycle and reuse it, to minimize waste.

Fuel from Organic Matter

RNG is the sustainable fuel of the future, made from plant and human waste.


BAUER's innovative solutions can launch rockets, help undersea divers, and heal our planet.


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